Hey there!

My name is Shelby Smith.

I’m a native of Asheville, NC; I love my hometown more than anything.  Living here is like being on vacation every day, and provides many sources of inspiration for my creativity.

I love beer.  It’s like my soul-mate, but sadly I can’t marry it (or can I?  Is that even legal?).

Languages, history, alcohol in general, hot chocolate, and painting are a few of my other passions.

Before you ask, my favourite kind of music is heavy metal (mostly thrash), but I’ll listen to anything.  Pulp Fiction, Wreck-it Ralph, Persepolis, Fury, and Team America are among my favourite movies.  Also, I love the drums and they are the best instrument ever – no question about it.

The purpose of me creating this blog is to walk people (and myself) through becoming a cicerone, from obtaining the Beer Server Certification to, eventually, becoming a Master Cicerone.  Cicerones are able to do amazing things like tell what kind of hops/malts are used in a beer, as well as spices, and recommend which beers to drink with which foods.  They are also able to work all of the components required to serve beer, so they’re basically jack-of-all-trades (beer-wise), master-of-all. Since I’m so hopped up on beer (get it? Hopped?), I figured I’d go for becoming a Master.

If you want to talk, hit me up.

Enjoy reading (:



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